May 30 Team – windy day at 14,200 and a special message!

Lead guide Ian Nicholson called in from 14,200′ with an update on the May 30 team.  Today was clear and it was the first time the team could see neighboring Mount Hunter.  Despite the clear weather, the winds were quite high at camp and were raging at higher elevations.  The wind was much too high to attempt to move up the the 17,200′ High Camp, so the team stayed at their location.

They did take a hike to the edge of the basin and looked over a precipice, gazing 6,000′ down into the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna, known in the dark humor of Alaskan climbers as The Valley of Death.

On a lighter note…

Ian relayed a very special message to a very special an understanding lady.



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