May 31 Team Finally Moved up to 14,000 ft Camp

The guys finally got some nice weather and moved on up to the 14,000 ft camp!  It’s been a long stay at 11,000 and they are super excited to be moving up again.  The weather is looking good for a couple of days now, so hopefully they’ve paid there dues.


Here’s the call from Camp 3.


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  1. HURRAY!!! Great Message Jon Cain!! The Fubar excitement was just pouring out over the lines! We are so happy you made great progress to 14 on a sunny day. Enjoy that tent, but hope you get to spend more time out of it! Keep on truckin’ guys! LOVE YOU!! Woo Hoo! GO FUBAR!!

  2. Great update from Team Fubar!! We are continuing to send you best wishes and good luck for you’re continued progress!! There’s a lot of people from Carrollton, GA cheering for Team Fubar!!

  3. Keep going guys – FUBAR never gives up…….well unless there is a pub or a pretty girl or a restaurant or its too cold or wet or windy but you know what I mean!!!

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