Team Fubar has been digging out after receiving 50″ of new snow in the past few days. Yesterday morning it appeared that there was going to be a window of decent weather, so the team packed up camp and started headed up Motorcycle Hill. They met several teams descending, who reported deteriorating weather ahead. The team discussed the situation, and made the decision to turn back to 11 Camp.


A team hiking their cache back to Camp 3 in a whiteout.

Des reports that everyone is in good spirits, and he sends out many good wishes to the team’s family and friends.

Here’s Des:



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  1. Good morning, team Fubar! Glad to hear the cheerful report from Dez. Hope that high pressure makes it to you soon. If not, let us know and we will send you something to keep you busy- a recap of the last episodes of Game of Thrones! Jon Snow on the Wall!

  2. tracking your progress which hopefully will improve as long range forecast starting Fri,Sat is good. Keep up the spirits and keep down the refried beans. Looking forwrad to hearing all about it

  3. HEy Team Fubar lovely to hear the reports and to hear your voices. Delighted to hear that you are all still in good spirits. Pity about the weather but it sounds like a good stretch is on the way so fingers crossed. Terry Paul said you shuda gone hiking in Ireland!! Ha ha…. Only joking !! Looking forward to seeing you all

  4. Team Fubar, thank you for all the updates and letting us experience part of you’re adventure with the daily updates. Sending warm weather, peaches, and peanuts from Georgia!

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