Guide Aaron called in a brief team report today. The team descended to 7800′ Camp yesterday, which is a long day, and they hope to continue down to Base Camp this afternoon. It sounds like it’s pretty low visibility on the glacier, so it’s unlikely that they will be able to fly out today, but at Base Camp they will be in good position to hop on a plane once the weather clears.

The previous post stated that the team made it all the way back to Base Camp yesterday, but in fact the team decided to camp at 7800′. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Here’s Aaron:


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  1. vamos amigos!!!…, perdonen a Hernan que pone los signos de exclamación pa abajo!!, ok??, son increibles y por lo que nos ha tocado leer …., lo que han vivido ha sido durisimooo!! ojala hayan podido leer nuestros comentarios para poder sentirse un poco mas acompañados….
    Les mandamos una vez mas….., sabiendo lo que viven dia a día….,
    otro VAMOS QUE SE PUEDE!!!
    y los esperamos con un graaaan asado en mi casa a todos a su vuelta….
    incluido Hernan!!!,,,,……, Pachi!!!!,,,, tu también obvio!!!!!

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