May 31 team – weather day at 11,200′

John Cain called from the basin at 11,200′ with a report that was unfortunately cut short by a loss of satellite connection.  The team spent the day digging out their tents from the wind and snow that have been buffeting their camp.  Fortunately, they have a strong and spacious cook tent in which to spend their time, rather than having to hang out in their tents throughout the day.

They are poised and ready to move up as soon as the weather allows them to do so.  They have already carried supplies up and around Windy Corner, and they have Mountain Trip teams above them, calling down weather observations via special radios that we use on the mountain.  As soon as things look favorable, they’ll pack up and head up to their next camp.

Here’s John!


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  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for letting us hear your voice, Jon! Sounds like you guys are doing great! I am learning so much reading and listening to these posts. Kudos to team Fubar and keep those messages coming.

  2. Hi guys hope the weather improves and the wind calms down. Sounds like you are being kept well occupied digging out the tents. Fingers crossed you get to move to next camp soon. Not a whole lot of news from this end apart from the fact that we had our summer … today, That’s it over now for another year but it was gorgeous while it lasted!!
    Take care
    Jackie x

  3. Mooch has settled in well to your side of the bed and won’t be giving it without a fight. The dogs have eaten a hole in the deck(literally)so the garden is a mixture of Boboli gardens and Beruit. I think an audition for X factor for Fubarettes is probably a step too far

  4. Jon, Thanks so much for the updates and we are following you and the team each day as you post updates. Kudo’s to Team Fubar.
    Dad & Cindy

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