May 30 Team – Moved up to Camp 3

Lowell and Peter called in from the large basin camp at 14,200′ on the West Buttress.  Today, the team dropped down to 13,500′ to pick up the cache of supplies that they had buried a few days ago.  This is sort of an active rest day, as it only takes about 20 minutes to drop down to the cache site and a bit over an hour to carry things back up to the 14,200′ camp.

Thus resupplied, they are now ready for whatever the mountain might bring.  The forecast for the next few days doesn’t look too great, but this elevation is a really good one at which climbers can build up their acclimatization, which will help them when they do get to move high.  They will spend their time reviewing skills, fortifying their camp and generally preparing so that they can take advantage of any appropriate weather window that jight present itself in the coming days.

Here are the guys!


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  1. Hi Peter,
    Good to hear a report from you again.
    Hope the spell of poor weather passes quickly, so you can all get on up that mountain!
    Everybody sends their love.
    Good luck to all the group,

  2. Hi Lowell,

    Very nice to hear from you.
    I hope the weather will get better and safely you’ll be able to move up higher on the mountain.
    Everybody sends their love.
    Good luck all the team.


  3. Hi dad, glad to hear you’re well and I really hope you get some better weather.
    Really proud of you and sending lots of love!
    Elizabeth xxx

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