May 31 Team – Carried Around Windy Corner

Team Fubar called in after making a tough, but successful carry around Windy Corner, which lived up to its name today.  Strong winds buffeted the crew, but they tucked their chins down and set each step with conviction, pushing their loads of supplies around the steep, rocky ridge that drops down from thousands of feet above.

Capitalizing on marginal weather is crucial for keeping upward momentum in the mountains.  Such decisions are some of the hardest to make, but this team is strong and has proven their mettle on previous tough days, so they took advantage of a marginal day to get the job done.

Tomorrow, they hope to retrace their steps, and continue their path upward a bit farther, to the broad, bustling basin camp of 14,200′.  This will require an additional hour of travel past the site of today’s cache, and the weather looks to be only slightly more favorable than what they encountered today.

If these guys keep up this pattern of being tough as steel, we might have to suggest a renaming of the team to Team Rebar!


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  1. Well done guys sounds like you are making great progress. I’d say Terry felt at home in Windy corner!! It’s great to hear the daily reports and to hear your voices as well. Stay safe and warm and remember there’s a pint of Guinness at the top!!

    Jackie x

  2. Made it through another day! Keep it up!!

    It was 97 deg F/36 degrees Celsius today in Los Angeles, but nothing can beat being up on Denali for Team Fubar 🙂

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