May 31 Team – tough day moving to 11,200′

Lead guide Adam Smith called in a fairly understated update from the basin camp at 11,200′.  I say understated, because what is left unsaid is that the team had a very, very tough day today.  They packed up their camp at 7,800′ on the Kahiltna Glacier, donned snowshoes and broke trail through 2.4 feet of new snow for 3,400′ of elevation, over 4.5 miles of distance.  This takes about five hours on a good day, but the team worked for eight hours to reach their goal for the day.  Great job everyone!

Tomorrow is a significantly easier day, and the crew has earned a bit of rest.  The weather has been very challenging, but Team Fubar is going strong!

Here’s Adam:



Mountain Trippers below Camp 2 (framed in the basin at top right in the image). Team Fubar probably didn’t see much of anything in this image, as they were hiking in full white out conditions.

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  1. Wow guys well done. Congrats on your achievement today despite the really tough conditions. Not pleasant to be hiking in that kind of weather. Stay safe and I hope you have a much easier day tomorrow. Lots of hype around town today and tonight because of the soccer match tomorrow in the Aviva. Large Garda presence evident in town this afternoon. I’ll keep you posted

    Jackie x

  2. You guys are amazing! We’re just trying to imagine these conditions for eight hours! Hope tomorrow brings good weather for you.

  3. ‘ere! Whats all this about having to ‘Bury supplies in the snow…’. Haven’t they heard of Aldi up there…??? I hear there’s a couple of guys from Dublin heading out specifically to dig up the supplies, scoff what they can and flog the rest down the market!!! But seriously, ‘Tóg go bog é’ … and whatever you do, don’t ask Terry for directions! O

  4. Thinking of everyone and hoping you guys get a good day of rest before striking out again! Jon- we have bets on Golden State Warriors beating Cleveland in the NBA finals with the cousins. 🙂

  5. Hi guys hope today was a little kinder to you all weatherwise etc. The Ireland v England game ended in a nil all draw. Jack Charlton got a big warm welcome. Game was ok. England had spells where they looked likely to score. but Ireland had many of the better chances, what few chances there were to talk about. No trouble reported after the game so far Stay safe and chat tomorro Jackie x

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