MAY 30 TEAM AT 7800′ CAMP 1

It sounds like the team enjoyed the beautiful flight from Talkeetna to Base Camp, located on the SE fork of the Kahiltna glacier. Once they arrived at Base Camp, the team ate, rested, and reviewed glacier travel skills. At approximately 9PM the team set out for Camp 1 at 7800′. The team made the decision to move during the cool evening hours because (believe it or not) the lower glacier can be quite stinking hot, and it’s much more pleasant to move during the cooler evening hours. The plan is to cache a load of equipment and supplies below Camp 2, tomorrow.


Denali base camp

Denali Base Camp is a busy place, with lots of teams coming and going throughout the climbing season.

Denali 7800 Camp

Denali 7800 Camp

Here’s Peter with a special hello to his friends and family:


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  1. Hi Peter – and all the team!
    It’s great to see your photos – the mountains look amazing, especially in that lovely sunshine you are enjoying.
    It was especially lovely to hear your voice, Peter – it sounds like you are all geared up for this adventure.
    I’ll look forward to more lovely pictures and maybe another hello.
    Have fun and take care,
    Love, Mary xxxx

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