Wounded Warrior Team – At Camp 1

Will Hockett, one of our guides on the Warfighter Sports Team, called in an audio post that was partially garbled, due to the relatively small window of southern sky the team has to communicate with the satellites transmitting their phone calls from this camp.  It sounds like everyone is having a great time, the team is moving well and they made it to their planned first camp on the massive Kahiltna Glacier!

Here is a link from their Spot GPS device, that will show you where they are camped.  The location is just across from the entrance to a tributary glacier known as the East Fork of the Kahiltna.


A camp across from the E Fork of the Kahiltna, looking to the south.

The image above shows a camp we used a few years back at almost the same exact location.  The heavily crevassed flank of a ridge coming down from the left is part of Mt Francis.  Base Camp is on the other side of that peak and the mighty Kahiltna trends off into the clouds above the tents.


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