May 26 Team – Ready to Cache

Scott Woolums called in to report good conditions and happy team members last night. The team is at the 11,000′ camp looking to move their equipment and food up to 13,500′. Today the team will carry loads around Windy Corner and dig a two-meter hole in the snow. In that hole, the team will leave food and equipment for camps at high elevations on the route. The reason we dig cache holes is to protect our gear from the mountain elements on the route. The day after tomorrow the team will move past their cache and establish camp at 14,000′. This expedition style climbing is important for acclimatization. This team is moving well and having fun.


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  1. hola queridos amigos, como va todo?? Que les ha parecido?? Por lo que leo va todo bien y lo están pasando muy bien. Que bueno!!!! Yo todavía en Marbella, me voy el viernes a Chile. Ha estado muy rico por estos lados.
    Un abrazo grande, cuidense y cariños a la Pachi.

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