May 20 Team – Having Fun At 14

This team has made steady progress uphill. Today they completed one of the hardest days of their trip. After seeing rain, wind and snow our friends got a beautiful day for mountain travel. You can hear the joy in their voices. Today they got to climb Squirrel Hill, the Polo Field and around Windy Corner (aka Silent Corner). Even in ideal conditions, their efforts deserve our admiration. After practicing crampon and mountain axe technique, they were able to continue up the route to a new home on the West Buttress. The 14,000’ basin is an amazing place and the views are spectacular. Along the way they can see almost every other place they have been from a new vantage point. Keep it up & Keep Climbing Team!


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  1. Congratulations for everyone! Looks like you are a great team! Good luck and carry on! I would like to sent a message of love and hope to my loving husband Jorge Decurgez. I love you with all my heart, you are the love of my life, we all miss you a lot, and we are very happy you are living your dream. Go the way you need to go. see you soon.

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