Yesterday the team cached a load of equipment and supplies at 16,200′ on the ridge above 14 Camp. Immediately out of camp the team began their ascent of the “headwall”, a steep section on the West Buttress route that has fixed lines to aide in the ascent. Once at the top of the headwall, they climbed an additional 500′ and left their cache of food and fuel. The team is in a good position to move up to High Camp, they just need a window of good weather for the final push. Solveig and Per have elected to descend, and Mountain Trip guide Nick will accompany them back to Base Camp.

West Buttress route

Looking up from 14,200′ towards the ridge leading to High Camp

fixed lines

Heading up to the base of the Headwall, where the fixed lines begin. This shot is from roughly 15,600′.

Here’s a team member with an update:


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  1. Godt å høre fra dere igjen! Vi følger spent med på denne siden, og det var selvfølgelig ekstra stas med melding på svareren. Krysser fingre for at forholdene blir slik at dere kan komme dere til topps, selv om turen og oppholdet der er en flott opplevelse uansett. Fint å høre glade og fornøyde stemmer, og at dere er i form. Mange her hjemme som gleder seg til dere kommer tilbake nå! Klem fra Kirsti 🙂

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