May 6 Everest Team Update from Camp 2

Vanessa called in from Camp 2 via satellite phone, detailing the events of the day. She said they made good time through the Khumbu Icefall, and that the day’s biggest struggle was staying cool enough in the hot sun–which might seem strange considering that they’re incredibly high on the world’s tallest peak.

Communicating from 21,500′ on Mount Everest sometimes unfortunately presents some technical difficulties, so Vanessa’s post becomes a bit garbled. We’re glad to hear she’s feeling better.

Listen to what Vanessa had to say here:

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  1. Hi Vanessa, Greg, and Bill
    Wow ! Sounds like great progress! Thinking of you guys and willing strength ! Vanessa – glad to hear the Docs helped wipe out the stomach flu – can’t imagine that was fun at altitude
    Following your every move
    Many prayers and good vibes

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