MAY 16 TEAM AT 7800′, CAMP 1

Due to the vagaries of using satellite phones in the mountains, some of tonight’s transmission was cut off,  but sounds like the team voted Lead Guide Eli Potter to be the spokesperson again, tonight. Eli reports that the team traveled 5 miles up the beautiful Kahiltna glacier, and arrived in good time at Camp 1. They were establishing camp and enjoying a hot drink.

Kahiltna Glacier

A Mountain Trip team hikes toward Camp 1, during the 2013 season. W. Kahiltna Peak is the prominent peak with the shaded aspect at right. Denali looms above it, peaking through the clouds.



Camp 1 is generally situated on the Kahiltna Glacier at about 7,800′, near the base of the first real hill of the ascent. Ski Hill rises about 1,800′ above the camp. Immediately to the east of camp is the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier and a stunning mountain called West Kahiltna Peak.

Tomorrow the plan is to continue moving up the glacier and cache a load of equipment and supplies at 10,200′

Here’s Eli:


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