Aconcagua Team is Back at High Camp!

Some of the team got through on the satellite phone before the connection was lost, but Veronica, Peter and Reinette were able to pass along their thoughts from 20,000′ above South America.

The summit push today was difficult, with a good amount of new snow having fallen over the past few days.  The team really worked hard to make it to the top, and a hearty congratulation is in order!

Ultimately, the decision to push higher is a personal one, and Reinette felt that she just didn’t have sufficient gas in her tank, following the very hard day moving up to high camp from their previous camp at 18,000′.  Kudos to her, for having the personal strength to make a tough decision like that.

Tomorrow, the team will descend almost 6,000 vertical feet to the bustling Plaza de Mulas camp on the west side of the mountain.  This will be another big day, although this time, gravity will be their friend!

Congratulations to each of the climbers!

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  1. Ronnie,
    FANTASTIC!!! Well Done!! You are such an inspiration. Well done to the entire team for fighting as hard as you could.

    Take care with the descent.


  2. Unbelievable!! Great achievement all of you……………………A massive well done to you Andrew! It must have been tremendously hard but what a a great feeling to have been the highest person in the southern hemisphere…………can’t wait to hear the stories!!


    Mark and Em

  3. Got your phone message, Aaron.
    Congrats to all
    So glad you are safe and well
    Have fun celebrating and safe trip home for all.

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