Tonight we have a much better satellite connection with guide Gary Falk, and he clarified that the team made the move up to 11,200′ Camp yesterday and today the team is taking a rest day. It’s important for team members to take rest days to eat, hydrate and relax from the rigors of climbing. It sounds like the team is enjoying some good camaraderie with other Mountain Trip teams, and guide friends working for other climbing companies.

The plan is to move a load of equipment and supplies to approximately 13,500′ tomorrow.  The team will begin ascending immediately out of camp, up Motorcycle Hill and then Squirrel Hill. They will continue up the Polo Fields, and then around Windy Corner, a notoriously windy area of climb. The cache site is located a bit beyond Windy Corner.


A Mountain Trip camp, looking south across the bottom of the basin at 11,200′.

Mountain Trip climbers cresting the top of Motorcycle Hill. 11,200' Camp is in the background.

Mountain Trip climbers cresting the top of Motorcycle Hill. 11,200′ Camp is in the background.


Here’s Gary:


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