May 6 Denali – Still waiting on the weather

Sebastian Grau called in from Talkeetna, Alaska, where the team has spent a second day waiting for the weather to improve enough for them to fly to the glacier.  This morning, the weather at Base Camp was clear, but it was raining hard in Talkeetna.  As the day progressed, the weather cleared in Talkeetna, but Base Camp was fogged in.

Patience is a skill that every mountaineer must refine.  We call this the “Hurry up and Wait” program.  The team must be ready to rally to the airstrip at a moment’s notice, so they cannot just completely relax in town.

Here’s Seba!



Evening Update – The team almost loaded up to fly in the evening, but the pilot called off the flight at the last minute, as the conditions at Base Camp still had not improved to the extent they had hoped they would…

denali expedition

Shlepping all the kit to the planes!


Thanks to Ben Adkison for these images of a soggy Talkeetna airstrip.


The team! Well, they got all dressed up, so they might as well take a picture, even if they weren’t quite about to fly!

Ben Adkison is one of the guides on the team.  Ben has worked for Mountain Trip for years and is an up and coming professional photographer.  We appreciate the images he sent last night and look forward to seeing his shots from the expedition.  If you’d like to see more of Ben’s work, please visit his Facebook page or his website.

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