Aconcagua Team Calls in From a COLD High Camp

The team called in from what can only be described as a COLD High Camp, at 20,000 feet on Aconcagua.  Each climber commented on how cold it is and when Fermin called in today, he described it as perhaps the coldest trip of his 40+ ascents.

The move up to White Rocks (aka Camp Colera) was tough.  The team climbed up in strong wind, which made it feel even colder.  They arrived in camp, set up their tents, and will dive into their sleeping bags after a quick dinner.  Summit morning will arrive early, and, weather permitting, the team will crawl back out in the pitch black of night to begin their push via headlamps.

The forecast is not great for tomorrow, but it’s not too bad. They are also not always correct, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the anticipated 25 – 30 mph winds don’t quite reach that speed.

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  1. Hi Andrew. We are all so proud of you and have been glued to the website for your updates. Enjoy every moment of your summit. Good luck to all of you tomorrow. loads of love Ju, Jim, Ells and Tay xxxx

  2. Good job Veronica! You are awesome!!!! Get warm and get some rest. You have this thing for sure. Everyone is pulling for you. We love you tons!

  3. GO RONNIE!!!!!!!!
    Hopefully you guys are heading back from the summit right now.
    Stay safe! So happy you sound like you are having a great trip!

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