Everest Update Jacob Calls From EBC

Jacob called in twice from Everest Base Camp, but neither call was very clear.  I’ll post both, as it is nice to hear from him, regardless of how garbled the transmission.  He is planning to stay at EBC for a few more days, helping clean up and organize equipment and supplies.

David and Alisha Germer are stateside and almost home, after a challenging trip back to Kathmandu from Pokhara, Nepal’s second largest city, which was severely damaged by the earthquake.  Our contacts were able to secure them seats on a bus back to Kathmandu, where they spent a couple days waiting for a flight out.  Their reports of the extensive devastation were very compelling.

Scott Holder is still in Kathmandu, where he is helping the efforts of local Red Cross teams.  He will board a plane for home tomorrow.

We will post information about organizations that we are supporting to help with the general relief effort in Nepal.  We have had numerous climbers contact us, asking for advice as to which organizations they might make donations.  Some of our past climbers have made donations directly to our Sherpa team members, and we appreciate and applaud any generosity to those whose lives have been so tragically disrupted.  More on this theme later today.

Here is Jacob:


Jacob’s second call:


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