May 20 Denali Team Carry Day to 13,500′

Alain Tardif called in from 11,200′.  The team carried a load of supplies up and around an iconic feature known as Windy Corner, to cache it all at about 13,500′.  As they got higher, they faced some rather biting wind, but they were able to get their task for the day completed.

The climbers donned crampons today for the first time.  The additional security of sharp points on your boots was appreciated as they climbed 1000′ right out of camp, up a slope known as Motorcycle Hill.  Above that point, they negotiated a couple of additional hills that were a bit steeper, but not as long, before cresting onto a long, gradually rising glacier that runs along the steep crags and snow gulleys of the West Buttress proper.  At the end of this slope is Windy Corner, a steep ridge line that drops sharply thousands of feet to the glacier, and channels wins that sweep along the vast, south face of the mountain right into the faces of approaching climbers.

Today, the wind was moderate, but the tea, was strong and pushed through.  Well done everyone!

After caching their supplies, the team dropped back down to their camp at 11,200′ for the night, following their model of climbing high and sleeping low.

Here’s Alain!


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  1. Thank you very much for these report. It seems that everybody’s working well and hard. hope you are enjoying the adventure!
    Il fait bon entendre ta voix Alain! Lâche pas, ici tout va bien et les enfants suivent avec intérêt le périple!

  2. Hello everyone! You are all doing a great job! Alain, nous pensons beaucoup à toi… Nous envions tes grands espaces, ton défi mais non la température 🙂 Reste safe, fort et courageux et reviens-nous avec tout plein d’histoires à raconter! On t’embrasse! xx

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