May 20 West Buttress Team – backcarry day at 11,200′

John Klein called in a nice post from the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′.  Today, the team took it easy and did a “backcarry” today, meaning they dropped back down to the site of their supply cache at about 10,200′ and retrieved their kit.  They will use this strategy at higher camps as well.  Among other benefits, it helps the climbers spread their ascent gain over an additional day, by giving them essentially an active rest day after sleeping at the higher elevation.

The trip down to the cache site took about 30 minutes and they took their time hiking back up to 11,200′.  The weather sounds beautiful and they had some spectacular views.

Here’s John!



A Mountain Trip camp, looking south across the bottom of the basin at 11,200′.

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  1. Congratulations to the team and hope that everything ends well like it goes.
    Greetings from Development team of Hydrochile to Jorge Decurgez.

  2. Vamos Dechu carajo!!! No entiendo una mierda esta página pero veo que van bien.. fuerza y manda te un comentario para la monada chilote cacheton!

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