Everest 2015 – Resting and Recovering

Jacob called in just now, but unfortunately, his post was very garbled.  There have been some challenges with cellular reception at Base Camp, and tonight’s post is barely understandable…

Scott has been dealing with an upper respiratory infection for the past couple of weeks, and when the team pushed up through the Khumbu Icefall yesterday, it seemed to really flare up.  Scott and Jacob returned to Base Camp, as the Khumbu is no place for a climber who is not 100%.  Scott took the prudent and very smart action of descending to Lukla, over 8,000′ lower, where the air is thick and humid, exactly what is needed to heal such an infection.

The plan is for Scott to spend a couple of days down low, letting his pipes heal, and then return to Base Camp to continue his ascent.  Jacob will continue to oversee the preparations of camps on the upper mountain and they will head high in the coming days.

Here’s Jacob:


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  1. For Scott Holder….sorry to hear your “pipes” are singing to you Scottie! I’m saying a prayer they clear up quickly. I know the price you paid to tune them up so don’t want to let them undermine your efforts. Proud of your efforts thus far and I can’t wait to hear the stories you will undoubtely regale us with upon your return! The pictures are beautiful and I can only image how much more spectacular they must be in real life! This trip will really test you and is already but you knew there would be some adversity along with the beauty. My money is on YOU big guy! We are all pulling for you here in St. Louis! Your good friend and partner -John Beuerlein

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