Everest 2015 Team – Skills Day at Base Camp

Unfortunately, the post called in from our guide Jacob Schmitz was a bit garbled, but the team is doing great.  They worked on skills today, climbing some ice faces near Base Camp and reviewing strategies for crossing ladders, efficiently passing running belays and other techniques they will employ when they head up through the tumultuous Khumbu Icefall tomorrow.

The plan is to climb up to Camp 1 above the Icefall early tomorrow morning, but they will ultimately make the decision based on how the weather and conditions look at the time.  All is well and Scott and Jacob are eager to head up the mountain!


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  1. Scott,
    You are awesome! Your Rotary Club is cheering you on at our club meeting today.This Saturday at the Rotary District Conference in Yosemite, I am on the schedule to present your “End Polio” climb of Mount Everest— to 400 Rotarians who will shout out a “Go Scott Go” cheer.
    And I will then request they all donate $$ on the webpage we designed for your quest.
    Your making history as the “Highest”fund rasing event in Rotary history–and I sent that statement to R.I.President
    Gary Huang.YIR—Harry Coffey

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