Another Day of Weather at Camp 2 Aconcagua

The team is hanging tough and keeping spirits high through another day of rough weather at Camp 2 on Aconcagua.   They’ve had their share of bad weather on this expedition, but they are eating well and staying healthy and finding ways to enjoy the experience.   It’s not an easy place to wait out a storm, but with a good team it can still be an enjoyable, if not enviable experience.   The forecast is looking much better for them for the coming weekend, so hopefully their patience will pay off with some beautiful days to move on up the mountain soon.  If the weather cooperates, they’ll move to high camp tomorrow and summmit as soon as Sunday!

Here’s the team from Camp 2.


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  1. Hi Andrew, well one last push to the top! everyone sends their love and best wishes, you just have no idea how many friends and family are reading these reports and are supporting your challenge.
    Good luck also to the rest of the team, feel we have got to know you all over the last couple of weeks.

    Stay safe, can’t wait to meet up next week.
    Love you loads xxx

  2. Hi to Ronnie!!!
    I just found these reports! Have been thinking of you here in New Mexico. Sounds like you’re having a very different trip than last time. Well, with more weather days at least you’ll have more time to acclimatize. Hope you’ve been able to get a little activity in every day. Take care of your foot, and stay warm and happy!
    Send us your snow and we’ll send you our clear skies!
    JIA YOU!!!!

  3. Hi Peter,
    Wish you and your team every success on your Aconcagua

    Keeping the fingers crossed for a Good Weather Window !!


  4. Hi Andrew,
    Sounds like you are having a great experience, even if the weather is a little chilly. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good weekend of weather so you can push on to the summit. Go for it and good luck………………….Mark and Em!!

  5. Reinnette, saying many prayers for you and the team to be able to reach high camp soon and finally SUMMIT!
    We are excited for y’all ( Texans here…) and can’t wait to have you back and hear all about it!
    Miss you… God bless you…

  6. Andrew!
    Greg and I are following along on your adventure. It sounds amazing! What an exciting experience. We are routing for you from Canada where it sounds like it’s not as cold 🙂
    Kimberly and Greg

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