January 27 Aconcagua Team is at High Camp!!

Lance called in a nice post from 20,000′ on Aconcagua.  The team decided to push up today in light snow, but moderate temperatures.  They packed up camp at Camp 2 and made the 4.5 hour hike up to Camp Cholera (aka White Rocks), on the north ridge of the mountain.  Climbers often tend to use rather dark humor, and the moniker Camp Cholera is a fine example!  This is the first camp on the mountain where they have to melt snow to get their water for drinking and cooking.  If you don’t put in the additional effort to get clean snow, which can often require that you hike a ways, then you could experience Cholera-like symptoms.

The forecast is for light to moderate winds, so the plan is to awaken early in the dark hours of the morning, eat, hydrate, and load up for a summit bid.

Best of luck to all the climbers!   Here’s Lance:


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