Jan 27 Aconcagua Team – Carries to High Camp

Sophie called in from Camp 2 on the Ameghino Valley Route of Aconcagua, after the team hiked up to 6000 meters today.  Camp 2 is on the east flank of the mountain, and is a fairly sheltered camp at an elevation of about 18,000′ (5490 meters).  The team has slowed their rate of ascent at this camp, in part because of a high wind event that had been forecasted for the upper mountain, with predicted wind speeds of over 60 mph.  They are in a great position at this camp, have plenty of food, fuel and time, so they decided to take their time and see how the weather shapes up, rather than move high and try to get ahead of the wind.

Today, they went for a hike up to the site of their next camp, located at just about 20,000′.  They moved well, and took their time so as not to overly tax their bodies at such high elevations.  The benefits of taking the hike are twofold: they could move some food and fuel up to the next camp and they pushed their bodies a bit by moving high, while allowing themselves the benefit of sleeping at an elevation at which they are largely acclimatized, back at Camp 2.


Fermin Avila, hiking to High Camp in January 2014


Two teams hiking the last 30 minutes to high camp. located just over the craggy ridge line.ere i

Here is Sophie!


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  1. Hi Soph..great hearing the daily audio updates,especially hearing you.sounds like your all having an amazing time!!.and the next couple of days will be huge!..hope the shoes are not giving you any grief.love you mum xx

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