Aconcagua Team – Hanging Tough at Camp 2

The team called from Camp 2 today, after they took another rest/weather day.  The temperatures has been incredibly cold for Aconcagua, and while the team is happy and healthy, the tone in their voices belies the challenge that they are enduring, high on the flank of a cold mountain.


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  1. Brian! HOLA! Jasmine perked up from her slumber when she heard you mention her name! Ava and I are excited to see pictures. Planning a trip for us to Monaco… that should cure you of your snow shivers! XOX

  2. Sounds like you guys are really getting some “interesting” conditions! some of your voices sound like you are really cold. Try to keep warm and preserver.
    We love you Veronica! Charlie is doing well and we are all ok. You be safe and work hard for just a few more days! everyone here is supporting you 100%. Love you babe

  3. Hey Dad,
    Lovely to hear you are safe and well. Keep warm, we are all sending heaps of warm vibes to you.
    The girls send their love and miss you so much.
    Love you loads dad, enjoy the last few days and make sure your taking loads of photos.
    Lor xxxxx

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