2015 Everest and Island Peak Teams – Rest Day at Dingboche

Jacob called in from the team’s second day at Dingboche, a village located near the confluence of the Imja and Khumbu rivers, the latter originating from the Khumbu Glacier on the south flank of Mount Everest.  Everyone is doing great and they took a planned rest and acclimatization day to help their bodies acclimatize to the thinning air.  They hiked up to over 17,000′ to assist in the transition.

It sounds like French pastries and lattes are part of their acclimatization program???

The connection was a bit spotty and there is a bit of wind noise, so Jacob called in a second post, largely reiterating the same news.  I’ll leave both posted, as they are slightly different.

Here’s Jacob!

Post #1:  recording

Post #2:  recording

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  1. Congratulations on making it to the 17,000 ft mark! Have a safe and wonderful journey. Always thinking of you. Love, mom

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