January 27 Aconcagua Team – Lisa Calls from BC

Lisa called in a fun update from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp, located at 13,800′ on the east side of Aconcagua.  The team is doing great and enjoying some really nice weather.  Base Camp is an interesting place, as Lisa hints at in her post.  There are often climbers from all parts of the globe milling about, acclimatizing and an equally high number of local support staff, porters and guides.  In a nutshell- it’s a fun place!

Below are some images of the terrain they climbed through en route to camp today.  But first, here’s Lisa!


aconcagua mules

The crossing of the chilly Rio Vacas is best done without getting wet!

aconcagua hiking to bc

The trail follows some steep slopes as it ascends into the Relinchos Valley.

aconcagua relinchos valley

Higher in the Relinchos valley, the views expand, with Aconcagua dominating the skyline in front of climbers to the left and the 1000m lower Cerro Ameghino appearing nearly as tall to the right (it’s closer!).

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  1. Hi Lisa – was with you in spirit yesterday (Sunday-Feb 1) as I walked my measly 4 miles at only 7,000 feet and listening to ABBA! You are such an inspiration! Love you!

    Aunt Mary Ann

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