Aconcagua Team – Weather Day at Camp 1

The weather that moved in yesterday has settled in on the team, with high wind and very cold temperatures.  The team spent the day watching snow blow past their tents, and hoping for a break in the weather.

Although the distance is relatively short to their next camp, the prospect of traveling through the valley separating Aconcagua and it’s neighbor, Cerro Ameghino, is a daunting one.  There is a phenomena called the Venturi Effect, which basically means that wind speed accelerates when it passes through a constriction.  The net of this phenomena is that trying to climb through the narrow saddle would be akin to walking into the full force of a hurricane.  The team opted to just hunker down, rest and acclimatize, instead of pushing into the tempest.

Here is the team!


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  1. Aaron,

    Your car smells funny, but other than that I drove it around a bit. Hopefully, no one decides to eat fruit snacks at the top of any windy cols after you’ve been waiting…that position’s reserved for me. Have a good trip and see you in April (?).


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