Jan. 27 Aconcagua Team Calls From The Trail

Lance called in from the first camp on the hike into Aconcagua.  The team spent about 5.5 hours on the trail today, hiking eight miles from the mouth of the Vacas Valley to a camp on the west side of the Rio Vacas called Pampas de Lenas.  This was the first sort of “shake down” hike on the route, and it was a relatively easy day of strolling in the high desert with light packs.

Aconcagua approach

A Mountain Trip team starting up the arid Vacas Valley.

Camp is at the base of a tall rock wall, near the bank of the swift Rio Vacas.  It has evolved into a well established campsite over the years, and now has a Park Service cabin, corrals for the horses and mules that carry the majority of the team’s loads up to Base Camp, and even toilet facilities.

Aconcagua approach

Pampas de Lenas (Fields of Wood) is a name that no longer really fits the camp, as there have not been any trees here for decades!

We hire a local outfitter to provide mule services to carry loads, meaning we can eat incredibly well for the hike into Base Camp.  Working in concert with the arrieros (mule drivers), the team feasted on asado (grilling meat) for their first meal on the trail.  Asado is a cultural phenomena in Argentina, a country world renowned for the quality and quantity of its steak and meat.  We bring plenty along and share our dinner with the arrieros, making for a fun, social evening.

aconcagua asado

Asado! It is something of an art form in Argentina.

Here’s Lance, with a report from 9,000′ on the trail to Aconcagua!


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  1. hey guys, glad things are going well! …are you peeing in the tent for practice or taking advantage of the warm weather and fresh air?

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