Vinson Summit!!

The team called in from the top of Antarctica!  Ariana, Chuck, Jim and Jacob climbed up on a clear, but cold day, with expansive views from the best view on the continent.

Vinson summit day

A Mountain Trip team headed to the summit.

The team started out of High Camp and climbed a long stretch of gradually sloping glacier up to the base of the summit ridge.  From this point, they climbed up through a large bowl and then up steeper slopes to gain the ridge itself.  There are a couple of tricky moves to get onto the ridge and then spectacular climbing to the summit.

Vinson summit route

The route up the long glacier to the top of Mount Vinson

Congratulations to all the climbers!!   Here is the team:


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  1. Congrats to Ariana, Chuck, Jim and Jacob on this impressive accomplishment! It seems you feel Right at Home on top of the Vinson Summit!

  2. Congratulations to you all! What an amazing peak to have conquered! We’re thinking of you back at home — keep safe, keep warm, and safe journey!!

  3. Truly Amazing!!! Congratulations to the entire team! You’ve accomplished what very few have done. Your drive is inspiring — as are the views. You ROCK!

  4. A HUGE congratulations to all four of you! What an amazing accomplishment. I am in awe… and I am grateful that it all went so smoothly for you… Can’t wait to see you and hear the tale. Hugs from me and Robert

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