Aconcagua Team is at Camp 1!

Today, the team moved up to Camp 1, at close to 16,500′ of elevation.  They made good time, climbing under clear skies and no real wind.

The route commenced with steep climb up a rocky moraine, and followed an old glacier for the first few hours of their ascent.  There was some steep sections to traverse, with the occasional bit of loose trail to scramble across.  As they moved higher, they hiked out onto the old glacier, which is mostly buried under rock and scree.  the only way you would know that you are hiking on a glacier is when you see the occasional bits of grey ice where wind and water have removed some of the rocky covering.

They negotiated the steep field of penitentes again and then climbed up a fairly steep section of loose trail to arrive at camp.

Happy birthday to Peter!  The team had a birthday cake for his this morning and he sounds in good cheer in the audio post.

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  1. Hi Grandad / Dad,

    Wow we all love listening to how you are getting on. Ella is really wanting you to give her a shout out.
    Hope your having a fantastic time, we all miss you lots
    Love you
    Laura, Darren, Matthew, Leyla and Ella XXX

  2. Hi Dad/ Grandad,
    Lovely to hear your updates. They girls love listening and Ella is wanting a shout out please!
    Sounds like a lot of hard work but amazing. Take care and stay safe. We all love you heaps

    Lor, Darren, matthew, Leyla and Ella xxx

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