Aconcagua Team – Joe R calls from BC

Joe Rudy called in with a report from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp at the top of the Relinchos Valley on the eastern flank of Aconcagua.

The team moved up the steep and narrow Relinchos Valley on the 27th, which branches westward from the broader Vacas Valley that they had hiked for two days from the road.  They got an early start and road horses across the frigid Rio Vacas to save them some chill factor early in the morning.  Moving quickly to get past the steepest and narrowest section before the mule train carrying the bulk of their supplies, they took their time hiking up through the majority of the valley, taking in the clear and stunning views of Aconcagua, looming above them.
On the 28th, they took a rest and acclimatization day, as the move up to BC the day before was a big jump in altitude.  They need to proceed deliberately from now on, and ease themselves into each new altitude in order to give their bodies the best possible chance to acclimate.  We have built in an extra day that most climbers forsake, just to set our team up with success.  On their rest day, guides Jacob and Eliana, both already well acclimatized, carried loads up to Camp 1, in order to secure good spots for camping and to make the carry day on the 29th a bit easier.

It sounds like they are having a great time and sure seem to be eating well!

Here’s Joe Rudy:


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