Dec. 26 Vinson Team at Camp 1

The team moved up to Camp 1 or “Low Camp” yesterday and spent the day today resting, acclimatizing, and preparing for the move to high camp tomorrow.   The weather has turned for the better after a couple of stormy days at basecamp and they are enjoying the endless views across Antarctica from their new camp.    The job for tomorrow is to climb up a long, steep section of the route up to high camp.  This steep section has fixed lines that the climbers will clip into for protection on the way up, so they practiced a bit with their ascenders today and plan to head on up to high camp tomorrow.  Everyone is doing well and they seem to be eating better than we are at home.

Here’s the call from Camp 1 this evening:


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  1. Hi Bill!

    Do you have a cold? I hope that you are on the mend! Thinking of you! Opening day at Skiland today. 18 below in town and 15 above at Skiland. Awesome day albiet a short one. Last run at 3 pm due to darkness. Love you!

    Love, yoao

  2. We are all thinking of you & watching your daily activities in earnest.
    Hope those sexy legs of your are doing their job!!!
    Missing you tons.

    Go well.


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