Aconcagua Team Checks in from base camp on New Years Eve

Rene, Nigel, and Fermin have just finished up a big breakfast at Plaza de Mulas base camp where they spent the night last night.   They are preparing to hike out the Horcones Valley about 22 km to the highway where they’ll be met by a van and whisked to the hotel for the night.   Yesterday (Dec. 30) they arose after a very windy night at high camp and packed up the tents and began the descent down to base camp.  The route they climbed ascends from the Vacas Valley, and then descends out the Horcones Valley, completing a traverse of Aconcagua and making for a more compelling trip.   Congratulations to the team for all their hard work, they’ll certainly enjoy the comforts of a hotel tonight for New Years Eve!

Here’s Rene checking in from base camp:


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