Rene Calls again from Camp 2 on Aconcagua

Rene called in from 18,000′ on Aconcagua.  The team is weighing their options as their planned schedule puts them heading for the top on a day that is forecasted to be very, very windy.  Therefore, they adapted their schedule and rather than carry up to high camp today, as they had planned, they rested in Camp 2, taking it a bit easy on their bodies in anticipation of a summit attempt on Monday, the 29th.

We have been watching the weather carefully, and the calm, sunny conditions that have graced the team in recent days seemed about to change.  A big wind event was forecasted, and might develop.  As everyone is feeling strong and healthy, the team might push for the summit a day earlier than planned.  We’ll see, and we’ll keep you all posted.

The sound of the high altitude cake Fermin produced is making my mouth water!!

Here’s Rene:


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