Aconcagua Team – Rest Day at Base Camp

The team called in after a rest and acclimatization day at their Base Camp, Plaza Argentina.  The altitude gain from their last camp on the approach to the elevation of their next camp is over 6,000′, so we planned to take two rest and acclimatization days at Base Camp.

They finalized packing for the upper mountain, purging their personal kits of all unnecessary items, as everything they leave with tomorrow will have to be carried to 20,000′, before they drop off the west side of the mountain to make their descent.

Peter provided much better description of the field of penitentes through which they climbed than I did in our previous post.  He describes them as a, “giant field of cathedral spires.”  That pretty much nailed it.  The fins of snow are thin and delicate, wide at their base, but narrow in profile.  They present  labyrinth for anyone needing to pass through them.

Here’s Veronica and Peter:

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  1. Hi Andrew its Jess i hope you are going really well on the mountain and keep going strong i hope you make it up to the top of the mountain and are fit and healthy what ever you do just keep going.Hi its Mark ………..loving the photos, it looks fantastic. Heard it is going to be cold this weekend…wrap up and enjoy a steak or two!
    hi it`s fin u r crazy doing this i would never do it…..but am proud. p.s its Jess again i would like to say that i have told my class mates and my teachers about you and they are supporting you to the top!!!!!Em here..why didn’t you take Mr Hill out with you..he is green with envy…GO GO GO!!!!!!!

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