Rene and Nigel at Base Camp

Rene called in another very nice post from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp, in what sounds like lovely weather!  By all accounts, they are doing great and having a great time as they finish up the first portion of their Aconcagua expedition.

Today was a planned rest and acclimatization day, after having made a foray up to Camp 1 yesterday.  Tomorrow, they will officially launch up the mountain and will spend the night at Camp 1, located at about 16,400′!

Fermin sent some photos from the past days, which we will post below.

Here is Rene:



Hiking up the Relinchos Valley to Base Camp. The summit is basically the peak to the left.


Rene and Nigel, high in the Relinchos Valley, en route to Base Camp.


Rene and Nigel, enjoying the comfort of Base Camp!


Nigel descends from Camp 1, after an acclimatization hike in which the team carried loads up to camp.




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  1. Dear Rene, Nigel and Fermin,
    It is very nice to have daily fresh news from you.
    Also, nice to know that you are having such a wonderful time, shower and wine included, in base camp, and that the forecast is good.
    Good photos, please make plenty of them to share the experience with us on your return.
    Rene I was wondering if you think that could be possible to convince the gauchos to make some veggies in the grill for me? Ha! Ha!
    How is your Spanish?
    All the best for the next steps and take care.
    Alfredo and Florencia

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