Aconcagua Team acclimating to base camp and readying to go higher

Rene called in from the Plaza Argentina base camp this evening after a scheduled day of rest and acclimatization.  It was a windy and stormy day on Aconcagua today, so it worked out well to take a day of rest.  They are enjoying the comforts of base camp, including a big dining tent and a chef cooking some great meals.    They’ll get up tomorrow and head up to Camp 1 to get a chance to acclimate to the higher altitudes and cache a bit of gear and food for their next move.   After reaching Camp 1 and taking a break, they’ll descend back to base camp for another night of the relative luxury of base camp.

Here’s Rene


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  1. Dear Rene and Nigel,
    Very glad to know that everything goes as planned. From Cheltenham all our best wishes. Buena Suerte.
    Alfredo y Florencia

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