Dec. 15th Vinson Team is at Low Camp

Lloyd called in, but unfortunately, the low flying satellites at 78 degrees south latitude dropped his call much too soon…

The team packed up and hiked for about 5.5 hours to arrive at Low Camp, the first of two they will employ whilst climbing Mount Vinson.

Branscomb Glacier and MT Vinson

Looking up the Branscomb Glacier toward Low Camp

The team just finished dinner about 30 minutes ago and they are snuggled in for the night.  If tomorrow dawns clear, the plan is to carry a load of supplies up the next section of the route, to both move their kit as well as help their bodies acclimatize to the altitude.  Jacob checked in with us this evening and said everyone is doing great and spirits are high.

Let’s think warm thoughts for our friends as they burrow in their bags for a night with temperatures dipping down near -30 degrees!

Here’s Lloyd:


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