The team is on the summit! Congratulations to Chris, Tashi, and Nungshi for reaching the summit of Mount Vinson. Jacob reports that it’s a beautiful day—-clear and calm—-and the the team is enjoying beautiful views.  Great work, team!

Here’s Jacob, Chris, Tashi & Nungshi:


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  1. Congratulations Chris, Nungshi, Tashi & Jacob – what a fantastic accomplishment! Special cheers to the twins for successfully completing the coveted Seven Summits. Number five for Chris – honey I’m so proud! Keep on taking good care of each other up there in that cold thin air.

    • what a loving support team we have out here – Sandy, Terri. we too congratulate the fantabulous climbers for their own unique achievements & really enjoying the team effort to success! we’r very proud as girls aren’t given equal love & opportunity in Indian society. By their achievements, the twins have been trying to do their bit for the cause of the Indian girl child. Big ‘cheers’ folks!!!

  2. Congratulations from Chris’ mom. Thanks to the twins
    for dragging him to the top! Just make sure he gets
    down okay, please, even if you have to drag him! We
    are extremely proud of all of you, good luck, thank
    you all for an exciting trip! Love to Chris, your

  3. Congratulations, team!

    You have accomplished what most people don’t even dare to dream. Best of luck on the trip back and be safe.

    P.S. Chris, I still want to see a penguin selfie!

    Sean Ingersoll

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