Guide Jacob Schmitz just called to report that the team is making good time and moving well, and they are approximately 3 hours from the summit. They are enjoying great weather conditions, it’s a clear day with only a slight breeze, and it sounds like the views are fantastic. Jacob plans to check in again, later this afternoon.

Here’s Jacob:


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  1. Terri

    Jacob, you are The Man! Thanks for a wonderful update. Other than fighting for enough oxygen, I bet it feels great to be within reach of the summit under near perfect conditions. Lots of followers are cheering all of you on. I’m so proud of my “old man” Chris for showing two talented and lovely young women that life after forty can definitely be uphill (in a good way).

  2. Thank you, Jacob! We are all just waiting for more
    news, and I know you have been hoping for an opening,
    and we are all pulling for you. I’m proud of Chris
    for the same reasons Terri stated. Go team, this
    is your day! Sandy

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