December 4th Vinson Team – Tashi calls from High Camp!

Tashi Malik called in from high camp on Mount Vinson!

The team climbed up over 2,000′ of pretty steep terrain in order to get themselves established at high camp.  Everyone did well and they moved up in good time.  The day was relatively temperate by Antarctic standards, with temperatures just below freezing, but it still felt pretty cold to anyone not accustomed to being surrounded by snow and ice!

The weather was beautiful today, and as the team climbed higher, they were treated to ever expanding views.  Once they climbed above the neighboring peaks, they could see a virtual sea of ice stretching white, off to the blue convergence with the sky at the horizon.  What a treat!!

Here is Tashi:


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  1. It’s great to hear you were able to take advantage of a weather window and push up to High Camp! I’m sending thoughts of warmth, stamina and safety for all of you as your summit bid looms near. Chris – you’re much loved and much missed.

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