December 4 Vinson Team is at Low Camp!!

The team wasted no time to move up glacier and set up camp at what is known as “Low Camp.”  They hiked up the Branscomb Glacier and set up their tents at just about 10,000′ (3050m) below the steep slope that will take them to their next camp on Mount Vinson.  They had a clear day, with views of some of the neighboring peaks.


Low Camp

Low camp on Mount Vinson

Branscomb Glacier and MT Vinson

Looking up the Branscomb Glacier. Low camp is just out of view behind the icefall.

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  1. “Low Camp” sounds like a great place to be! Enjoy the amazing scenery and your rest day before carrying loads up to High Camp. I’m smiling thinking of you & Jacob, snoring away in two-part harmony. Much love from me, Ethan, and Elsa.

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