April 29 Denali Team – At Camp 1


Jason called in from Camp 1 at about 7,800′.  The team is doing great and moved well up glacier on a beautiful, but cool day.  This was a big push, as they traveled about 5 miles with the biggest loads of the trip.  In a nutshell, they packed up camp and moved everything they will need for the next three weeks to their first camp on the trail.  This is called making a “single carry.”

From this point on, the terrain gets steeper, so they will begin to make “double carries,” in which they basically pack up half their total supplies and move it up ahead of them, to a site near their next camp.  They will dig a deep hole in the snow, bury their supplies and then return back to their previous camp to spend the night.  This process of “moving high and sleeping low” enables them to ease themselves into each successively higher elevation and makes it easier to transport all that “stuff” up the mountain.


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