June 26th “Mr. Hugo” Team back to base camp awaiting some planes

The guys made it down to base camp this morning and once again the weather has the last word.    It’s snowing and white at the Kahiltna Base Camp runway right now, so they are waiting for the weather to clear enough for everyone to fly out to Talkeetna for the cold beers that await them.   Good work team, even if you don’t make the top, it’s a great adventure!

Here’s the call from base camp:


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  1. To the Band of Brothers, aka Mr. Hugo Team, we are so thankful everyone is doing well and in good spirits. A big thank you to the guides for leading the guys on a journey they will not forget and for bringing everyone down safely! Dusty, the kids are so proud of you; not just for what you did on Denali or for Sons of the Flag, but for showing them that life can be an exciting journey. It may not go according to our plan, but the way we overcome the obstacles is a true testament of our character. We love you!

    Corrie, Logan, Luke & Gracie

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