June 26 Mr Hugo Denali Team – Hanging Tight Up High

Clint Brewer called in a post that was, as expected, full of energy and good spirits, as befits the Mr. Hugo team!  The guys spent another day in really foul weather, with snow and high winds buffeting their tents.  We heard from guides at High Camp that last night was not all that restful, due to the need to get up and rebuild the thick snow walls that were being constantly disassembled by the high winds.

At High Camp, the team stacked large blocks of snow so as to construct double or even triple thick walls around all their tents.  Each block weighs 10 – 30 lbs, and a single thickness, ten foot wall might have up to 50+ blocks.  These are rather substantial structures!  When the wind is blowing hard enough to require middle-of-the-night attention, you know it is honking up there!  The forecast has called for 40 mph winds, which the guides stated sounded pretty conservative, based on what they were actually experiencing!  If the low temperature last night was the forecasted 5 F, and the winds 40 mph, the windchill outside the tents would have been in excess of -20 F.  Brrrrr…..

The plan for tomorrow will be to hope that the forecast for winds is wrong, which they often are.  The team will continue to watch for any change in the weather pattern and will eat, hydrate and keep cajoling each other to keep their spirits and motivation levels high.  It is something like a different planet up at High Camp after four or five days of tough weather, and we need to keep sending the team or good thoughts and best wishes, as the days tick past.

Hang in there guys and thanks for the fun post Clint.  We hope your bollocks come through in fine order!


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  1. good luck up there boys. there is an ansel adams photo of denali here at the office, I think about ya’ll thru out the day wondering what your doing. ya’ll are a dangerous bunch to be sitting around idle. hope the weather will lay low for a summit. I bet ya’ll are starting to stink about now. keep up the good spirits and God bless each one of you. bullitt

  2. Wow- it sounds like mother nature is really challenging y’all. Of course we have no doubt that y’all can face this with strength and gusto and determination.! Keep up the good work and keep your sense of humors! We are all thinking of you every moment and hoping hoping hoping.
    Love to all of you -Kasey we miss you and love you!
    Love from all of us down below:)

  3. You guys are amazing! Who would have imagined a bunch of Texas firemen becoming expert ice masons! Love that you still have your sense of humor even in the most extreme circumstances. Miss you Dusty. Stay warm!

  4. Ross this appears to be a great practice for Everest. Still counting on you and Team Hugo to touch the summit. Weather needs to give you the break you deserve. Stay strong, focused and safe. Looking forward to hearing the tales. Katia text me and said your doing great so keep going upward. Cheers, Gerard

  5. Good luck guys! Following your climb from here in Texas and praying y’all are able to finish the climb.

  6. Can’t imagine living up on top of the world like you have been but we are so glad your spirits are good! We are praying for you guys, all of you, and hoping tomorrow might be the day. Can’t wait to see you soon Matt.
    Love you-
    Melissa, Kyle, kids

  7. “Mr Hugo” I’ve been following your trip from San Diego and it’s amazing what great spirits you have all had the entire time, especially now that you’ve been at high camp for a bit! It sounds like you guys have a great group up there. Good luck and stay warm!

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