June 26 Mr. Hugo Team – Jacob Calls From 17,200′

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in a message from High Camp, which was unfortunately cut short, when the signal was dropped.  Today was the team’s fourth day at High Camp, and they are just waiting for the wind to diminish so the team can better assess the steep slopes above them for avalanche hazard, and then, hopefully, make a shot for the summit.

High Camp is a tough place to live, as the altitude makes it hard to eat sufficient calories to not embark on what we (only half jokingly) refer to as “The High Altitude Weight Loss Program.”  Minor tasks leave you winded, and bending over to tie your bootlaces can leave you panting and dizzy.  That being said, it is also a remarkable place, with stunning views when the clouds part.   The team has plenty of time, food and fuel, so they just need to remain motivated, which shouldn’t be too tough for this crew.

Here is Jacob!


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  1. Thinking good thoughts you guys will get a shot to the summit today !! Prayers for your health and safety. You guys are amazing !! Give Matt hugs for me!! Xoxox

  2. Keeping y’all in our prayers and hoping the weather will allow for a summit soon! Stay warm and keep your spirits high! We are all cheering y’all on back here at home. Hugs to all-we love you Kasey! Good luck.

  3. We are so very proud of you all! We are praying the weather cooperates for a trip to the summit, but most importantly–for a safe return home. Love you Dusty!

  4. We are praying for your safety and hoping that the weather cooperates allowing y’all to summit soon. We are proud to say you are Fort Worth Firefighters!

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